WINWEB3 Dubai Art Exhibition


I had the opportunity to kickstart the Dubai Exhibit in collaboration with NfnyDreams Dao, marking one of the first events I initiated for WinWeb3. Through the partnership with NfnyDreams, an art gallery was established at the “Foundry” gallery in downtown Dubai to showcase the artist’s and women’s work. They graciously invited me to join and display the art created by Women In Need (WIN). Excitement filled the air as I boarded the plane and touched down in Dubai, experiencing the beauty of this remarkable place for the very first time.
I’ve spent only 3 days in this magical city, and got to experience so many places, including the desert, and the famous marketplace.

Working alongside the dedicated NftyDreams Dao team, we unveiled a collection of art created by Women In Need and a selection of talented artists from their community. These captivating pieces were showcased on digital screens, elegantly suspended within one of downtown Dubai’s renowned and largest galleries, “The Foundry”. 

During our time at the exhibit, we hosted an engaging evening where esteemed guests gathered at the gallery to listen to the artists’ stories. It was a truly special occasion as these talented individuals shared their personal narratives behind the art they had created. I, too, had the privilege of sharing my own story, shedding light on the collaborative efforts between WINWeb3, the Nftydreams team, and the meaningful artistic endeavors centered around supporting women in need.

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