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Our Supporters

Mona Vand walking for WIN Fashion Show
Mona Vand
(Walked for WIN)
An expert in nutrition and natural wellness, and a health coach dedicated to keeping people off medications in the first place.
Gary Vaynerchuk walked at WIN Fashion Show
Gary Vaynerchuk
(Walked for WIN)
Serial Entrepreneur,
Chairman of VaynerX,
CEO of VaynerMedia,
CEO of VeeFriends,
& 5X NYT Bestselling Author
Tiffany Haddish walking for WIN
Tiffany Haddish
(Walked for WIN)
A stand-up comedian & actress, philanthropist, New York Times best-seller author, Grammy Winner,
and Emmy Winner. 
Deepak Chopra is blessing WIN
Dr. Deepak Chopra
(Blessed WIN Verbally)
Founder of The Chopra Foundation, influencing millions of people, educating and supporting mental health, and author of over 90 books. 
Jay Rosenzweig supports WIN
Jay Rosenzweig
An internationally renowned social impact entrepreneur, a humanitarian, a trained lawyer, and a leadership strategist. The Raoul Wallenberg’s chair And most important he is an amazing human being
Nas Daily
Nas Daily
Founder and CEO. An Arab-Israeli vlogger, best known for producing over 1,000 one-minute videos per day on Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram with a mission “To show you the most incredible people and places on planet Earth”.
Debrah Sawaf
“The Power Of Words” brand’s founder, also the founder of “Thaleblanc”. A designer by trade but philanthropist at heart Deborah has devoted her life to changing the world through fashion.
Maria Bravo
Philanthroprenuer, a businesswoman,dot connector, actress, founder of @maupyworlwide,  @globalgiftfoundation, 
co-founder of @utopiaavatars
Dr. Topeka K. Sam
(Walked for WIN)
The Founder of The nonprofit LOHM, Dr. Sam is mission is to empower women and girls to create sustainable lives post-incarceration. She drives change in the social justice movement.
Jeff Staple
A creative visionary with work encompassing graphic design, fashion design, footwear design, and brand marketing. He is the founder of the Reed Art Department.
Sherrie silver supports win
Sherrie Silver
(Walked for WIN)
an MTV Award Winning Choreographer, United Nations IFAD Advocate, & activist for women & children. Known for her choreography in Childish Gambino’s “This Is America” & “Sing 2” Movie.

Please make the checks payable to “Winweb3”, and mail them to:
9663 Santa Monica boulevard, Suite 1299, Beverly Hills CA 90210, USA.

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