This nonprofit is dedicated for supporting women and girls who are impacted by the criminal legal system. Their mission is to end poverty and Incarceration of women and girls.

Children of Destiny
Destiny Rebuilders

Destiny rebuilders fights to level the playing field for the underprivileged around Africa, with women and children as a priority. We equip homeless and disadvantaged kids for a brighter future, and provide ex sex workers with vocational training for an alternative way to make a living for themselves and their children. Destiny Rebuilders sponsor health insurance, school fees, housing and feed the most vulnerable in society. A tough start makes the race more meaningful.


AMURTEL is an NGO focusing specifically on the needs of women and children and aid immediately following natural and manmade disasters. The organization creates partnerships with those they support, encouraging solutions that respect and empower women as they work towards sustainable futures. They render service on many different levels and in many different ways, according to the needs of the area. Projects include literacy, schools, homes for abandoned children, health services, feeding programs, vocational training, self-help groups, and micro-credit lending cooperatives.

Beit Ruth

A shelter for Young Women & Girls At Risk is a long-term therapeutic residence and school with a mission to ensure that vulnerable and at-risk girls are given the opportunity to thrive emotionally, socially and academically, thereby breaking the cycle of violence for themselves and future generations of children in Israel. Beit Ruth works along two simultaneous and equally important efforts to achieve our mission to end the cycle of generational violence – our direct on-the-ground educational and therapeutic programs and services that are provided in the Beit Ruth Village, and our Advocacy & Outreach Initiative that takes our expertise beyond the Village to grow our reach and impact toward ending the cycle of violence.

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